The Southmoreland neighborhood is home to both the Oak Street Mansion and the Nelson Atkins Museum. No Kansas City art conversation can start without first mentioning the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. A renowned institution that’s been a staple in the community since the Great Depression, the Nelson’s collection contains artwork encompassing more than 5,000 years of history from all across the globe, and it’s totally free to visit.

Just north of the Nelson, you’ll find the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, another free establishment that houses a carefully curated selection of modern art. Browse diverse works, each compelling and contemplative, or tour the grounds and discover larger-than-life sculptures as photogenic as they are striking.

Southmoreland is on the second floor. It boasts a host of amenities including:

– Desk/workstation
– Large walk-in shower
– Jacuzzi tub
– Private toilet
– King sized bed
– Personal coffee maker
– 2 personal robes
– Mini fridge

Each room is equipped with plenty of fresh linens, towels, and essential toiletries.