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The Volker neighborhood is named for William Volker, a Kansas City entrepreneur of the late 1800s, often called Kansas City’s “First Citizen” for his generous and philanthropic behavior.


He donated the initial property for the University of Missouri–Kansas City’s Volker campus. Several area hospitals such as Children’s Mercy were major beneficiaries of his generosity. Today, Volker is home to one of Kansas City’s most exciting retail and restaurant corridors, the West 39th Street district.


The district is home to legendary Kansas City favorites like Prospero’s Book store, D’Bronx pizza, Q39 BBQ and the holy grail of brunch­Meshuggah Bagels. Other quirky favorites include Miami Ice for a cold treat and unique apparel stores like Donna’s Dress Shop and Do Good Co.


Be sure to take note of Volker’s handful of murals by local artist Scribe, who is also the Art Director at Children’s Mercy.