Teresa Dirks

Golden Hour II


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My work is influenced by love, land, sea and sky along with many artists including Rothko and Theibauld. Why not share the brilliance of that?  Each canvas is a piece of me and my soul and what I believe in: I hope that the love that I have for the work and the love I have for this world is conveyed to you. Live life full…Be brave, and be bold. Live like every hour is the Golden Hour.

As always, the painting is then finished with Golden UV varnish and comes ready to hang in your home and bring you joy . . .

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Teresa’s art deeply reflects her love of nature, its vibrancy, and the power of color and its effect on our lives. Dirks feels that as society and technology merge, it is now more important than ever to connect with nature, humanity and art and bring those entities together.

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20 x 20 Inches