Gil Rumsey , Illustrator

Water color, acrylic, stained glass, sculpture, woodblock printing. . . In his 40 years as an artist, Gil Rumsey has done it all, and created works that reflect the light, color and spirit of his native Kansas.


A native Kansan, Gil Rumsey grew up near Topeka and later received a B.A. in art with an emphasis in Commercial Illustration from Kansas State University. His interest in art, and his talent for it, began at age 8 when a severely broken leg kept him out of traditional school for nearly a year. It was at this time he discovered he could draw. It has become a lifelong passion.


Although he went off to K-State to become a math teacher and coach, he changed direction into art and has never looked back. In 1973 he got into the picture framing business which has given him a natural gallery setting for his art for nearly 40 years.


In 2006 a devastating fire destroyed his 11,000 square foot gallery including tens of thousands of published prints, books, a 15-year collection of antiques, and more than 500 original paintings.


He opened a new location within six weeks, and no, insurance did not come close to covering this loss. In 2006 Gil closed the retail gallery but continues to paint, picture framing and publishing from his home.


Gil started with mainly watercolors. He now paints acrylics and has for over 40 years. He designs commercial stained glass, concrete sculptures and occasionally a woodblock printing. He continues to do 40-50 paintings a year.


Gil’s works have been purchased by Kansas State University, Friends University, Pittsburgh State University and Central Missouri University.  He has been recognized by KCPT (Channel 19) as artist of the year.Gil’s art is collected throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.


Mr. Rumsey is most proud of the considerable use of his art to charities in the last 20 years. He offered his talents to fundraising opportunities to compose and sell holiday greeting cards.


“Why do I continue? Simple, it’s what I do. I am grateful to have the talent and will never quit.”