Nancy Oglesby, Artist/Painter

Growing up in a home surrounded by art,I discovered at an early age that I had inherited my father’s eye for all things beautiful. I experimented with watercolors, contour line drawings and pencil renderings, but wasn’t in love with the processes. I took a class on alcohol ink and found the perfect way to express myself. 91% Isopropyl Alcohol on 4” x 4” tiles is where my magic happens! Today … I am in love with the process!


The mixed media pieces grew out of my work with alcohol ink.  While I enjoy being led by the fluidity of alcohol ink, I realized that I wanted another creative outlet that allowed more intention in my work.   The Meditation Pieces combine mixed media and prayerful intention to create these pieces that invite the observer to look at life in a new way . . . perhaps the pencil work is illustrative of “life between the lines.”