Gloria Heifner, Artist/Painter

Growing up on a farm in the middle of Missouri with six siblings, I had little exposure to art and painting. The small school I attended in my first ten grade levels only offered the basics which did not include art. In spite of that, I always occupied myself with some form of art, often sketching from photographs found in magazines. The painting I did back then was limited to school projects, tempura paints, and paint-by-number oil sets.


In my eleventh year of school, I attended a larger nearby school which to my delight offered a few basic art classes. These classes mainly consisted of drawing instruction but I thrived on it. After high school, I attended Central Missouri State University acquiring a degree in commercial art or what would now be called graphic design. Along with all of the design classes, I was exposed to a variety of art mediums, methods, and styles. It offered the opportunity to study about other artists and to explore my strengths and weaknesses as an artist. I found myself drawn to the speed of expression and the flexibility of pastels and of acrylic paints which I continued to explore after graduating and beginning a career in the field of commercial art.


The next few years were spent in a career of graphic arts and raising a son. When my son was grown, I was laid off from my job and suffered a stroke, which left me thinking if I was ever going to create art and show it to the public, now was the time because I was not guaranteed tomorrow. I applied for, was accepted into a co-op gallery, and began creating and displaying my work.


As I grew and began finding my artistic voice, my sales and confidence increased. I began participating in other shows and groups increasing my exposure as an artist. Eventually, I left the coop gallery and began showing in more galleries and art venues. My studio is in the DesignWerx space at 1313 Atlantic in North Kansas City, MO